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What is MELTed Yoga?

Combining low-impact vinyasa yoga moves with revolutionary MELT method techniques, this class will transform your personal fitness journey. The perfect complement to any fitness routine-- whether you're new and just getting started with exercise, or a seasoned fitness junkie!

Linking breath with movement,  vinyasa yoga will strengthen and sculpt your body using your own bodyweight, improving balance, posture, stamina, as well as your cardiovascular health. Each class will also incorporate grounding and mindfulness techniques, leaving your mind and body feeling balanced, calm, and capable of managing the day to day stressors of life!

What is MELT?

The MELT Method is a simple self-treatment system that rebalances the nervous system and rehydrates connective tissue to eliminate chronic pain, improve performance, and reduce the effects of accumulated tension and stress caused by daily living.

Connective tissue runs from head to toe and from skin to bone — it literally connects every single part of your body down to the cellular level. Connective tissue keeps skin toned and lifted, gives joints shock absorption, helps muscles perform, and keeps your organs in place.

Aging, active living, and repetitive postures dehydrate connective tissue, impairing movement and bodily functions. Because 90% of our sensory nerves are embedded in connective tissue, when it becomes dehydrated, we experience symptoms associated with aging and even chronic pain, illness, and disease. The good news is connective tissue responds beautifully to specialized compression techniques.

MELT is a restorative technique that simulates hands on therapeutic treatments through a series of specific protocols using small balls and soft foam rollers. Anyone, at any age or activity level, can use this method to effectively access their optimal movement potential, improve body structure and posture, and reduce joint pain and discomfort.

When the body is more efficiently aligned, timing and performance of mind/body modalities like yoga are more easily experienced. Adding MELT into your yoga session allows your body to receive more input and feedback and is a major support tool to erase compensatory patterns.

Whether you are just beginning or were born a yogi, MELT is the perfect complement and enhancement to your practice!

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